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The major goal of all the Special Classes is to provide an individualized program that meets student’s needs and affords them the best opportunity to learn and eventually return to the general education population.  Based on student’s need special class students are integrated into the general class population through co-teaching and mainstreaming experiences. 
The degree in to which co-teaching occurs is based on the individual needs of each child. Presently all K-2 students are generally co-taught for all academic classes and pulled out for special intervention in ELA and math.  Students in grades 3-5 are generally co-taught for science and social studies.  Students are mainstreamed for specials, lunch and recess.  Additionally students can be mainstreamed for academic subjects as appropriate. 
The rate at which students in the special class program are recommended to return to general education is based on the individual growth and development in the areas of academic, social/emotional and behavioral.  It is important to look at the whole child in terms of environmental functioning before making a recommendation to leave the special class program.