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Learning Resource Center ( LRC)
In all 5 elementary schools there is a LRC.  The LRC is staffed with a Special Education Teacher and Teacher Aide.  The LRC works with children in small groups to support and reinforce classroom learning.  Each child learns at their own pace and in their unique learning style.  Each LRC teacher consults with the student’s mainstream teacher and the parents.  Each LRC teacher diagnosis and assess the academic needs of each child. 
Children attend the LRC both at the CSE level and for building level support ( Tier 2 of the RTI plan). 
In addition to providing direct instruction to students and consulting with teachers and parents each LRC teacher serves as a member of the Child Study Team and the district Committee of Special Education (CSE). 
(914) 721-2711
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Fox Meadow
(914) 721-5215
(914) 721-2734
(914) 721-2734
(914) 721-2376
(914) 722-2868
(914) 721-5471
(914) 721-5471
Quaker Ridge
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