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Thinking of Moving to Scarsdale?

What documentation is required for students relocating from overseas – or domestically—to enroll?

For overseas families, the vaccination record from a physician in your home country does not need to be notarized, but must be translated into English. A physical exam, conducted by a doctor of your choice in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, is required for all students. At the time of the exam, bring the translated vaccination record to the doctor, who will include that information in the physical exam report.

Student records are helpful but not required. The school will conduct individual evaluations for placement.

What constitutes proof of residency?

Proof of residency is required for enrollment in the Scarsdale School District. This can be either in the form of a copy of a deed for a house, or a signed rental agreement (lease). Some homes in this area have a Scarsdale mailing address, but are not within the Scarsdale School District. Your real estate agent should have that information, but if there is any doubt, you may contact the District office for verification: 914-721-2444.

What is the age cut-off for kindergarten registration? When do we register?

Children whose fifth birthday falls on or before December 31 may be registered for kindergarten that year. A District-wide kindergarten registration week is usually scheduled in the spring, but registration in all grades is accepted year-round for new residents.

How do I know which elementary school my child will attend? How do we enroll?

Enrollment in one of the five elementary schools is determined by the neighborhood in which you live. When that is settled, the enrollment procedure is to call the secretary of that school for a registration packet. For further information and registration forms, go to

Are there differences among the elementary schools?

All five elementary schools follow the same curriculum; while each school has its own personality and style, the standards of teaching and student services are uniformly high throughout the District.

Do you have a “gifted and talented” program?

Scarsdale provides enrichment activities for students who are “interested and able” as part of our overall commitment to differentiation of instruction in all classrooms. It does not have separate classes for “interested and able” children.

What is the practice regarding elementary class size?

Maximum class sizes in the elementary grades are 22 students in grades K-3, and 24 students in grades 4-5.

What evaluations and services are available for my child with special needs?

The Special Education department addresses the education needs of children in the District who have identifiable disabilities, from age 3 until age 21, or until they receive their high school diplomas. Consistent with state requirements, the District arranges for multi-disciplinary evaluations, which for 3-5 year-olds is conducted by County-approved providers, and for school-age children age 5-21 by District personnel, supplemented by outside specialists when appropriate. For further information on services provided by the Special Education department, please visit their page:

What math curriculum do you use in the elementary schools?

The District's elementary math curriculum is based on The Curriculum Focal Points published by The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The curriculum guides teachers on the content and depth of study warranted at each grade level. The program the District has chosen to deliver this curriculum is the textbook series Primary Mathematics, written by the Ministry of Education in Singapore and published by Marshall Cavendish. The program is designed to equip students with sound concept development, critical thinking and efficient problem-solving skills. For more information, please visit the K-5 math curriculum page (select Elementary Curriculum in the dropdown menu under Curriculum on the District home page):

What foreign language instruction do you offer?

World Language instruction begins in second grade, with Spanish offered through fifth grade. Elementary Spanish curriculum information may be found at: Starting in sixth grade at the Middle School, students may choose French or Spanish. In High School, Latin and Mandarin are also available, in addition to Spanish and French.

How is the Middle School structured?

The Middle School (with an enrollment of approximately 1,200 students) is divided into four Houses, which provides a helpful transition from the contained classrooms of elementary school, and prepares students for the transition to high school. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade teams of students and teachers are organized in each House; each House is run by a House Counselor who meets weekly with each team. For more information on the structure and curriculum of the Middle School, please visit:

What does the High School curriculum offer?

The High School Course Catalog may be accessed online:

For responses to other frequently asked questions about the High School, please go to this link:
For a general overview of the High School and student achievement, see the Scarsdale High School Profile: