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Senior Options Program OVERVIEW
All seniors participate in the Senior Options program which is the culmination of students' careers at Scarsdale High School. The program allows students to extend the skills and knowledge that they have developed in school by applying them in areas of personal interest. To ensure that this experience will be rigorous and worthwhile, seniors work closely with faculty members in developing their options. 
 Senior Options
Senior Options begins in early May and continues to the end of the academic year; modifications are made for those taking AP examinations. The program is a graduation requirement and is graded on a Pass-Fail basis. Students can work individually or in pairs; they cannot be paid for their work. Seniors have considerable flexibility in the options they choose; among possible options are community service, internships, and independent projects. In planning their options, students receive guidance and advice not only from their mentors but from professional consultants as well. In addition, the Senior Options Steering Committee monitors and must approve all Senior Options proposals.
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