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The Scarsdale Curriculum Center

The Curriculum Center is responsible for the K-12 instructional program of the Scarsdale Public Schools. Additionally, the Department coordinates the staff development program that provides continuous education and instructional support to the District's professional staff. Examples of the work of the Curriculum Center staff include:

  • Articulation of the elementary, middle, and high school programs
  • Instructional support for elementary classroom teachers
  • Coordination of all program improvement projects
  • Administration and analysis of national, state, and district assessments
  • Management of state and federal grants
  • Coordination of professional development activities including conference attendance and consultants

Contact Information:

Lynne Shain
Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Assessment, & Instruction, Co-Director of CFI
Curriculum Center
Scarsdale Public Schools
2 Brewster Road

Scarsdale, NY 10583

Tel:  914-721-2432
Fax: 914-722-2893