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3D Printing Engages Students at Scarsdale Middle School

3D printer


Students in Steve Rambone’s technology education classroom at Scarsdale Middle School know first-hand that “it takes a village” to create one.

That’s literally what the seventh-graders are doing – creating a village with the help of some 21st century technology, a bit of math and science, engineering and tons of research. The 21st century technology – a row of iMac computers and a 3-D printer – is where the students begin and end a 10-week project under Mr. Rambone’s guidance, in which they will learn how to create three-dimensional buildings. Those buildings – which can range from houses of worship to residential homes to drive-through fast food restaurants – will eventually comprise a 3-D village.

Each student learns how to use tinkercad, an online open-source tool that guides them through the steps of using their engineering and math skills to create and design their buildings. Because it’s open source, tinkercad encourages students to “borrow” ideas from others. On the website, students can marvel at someone else’s three-dimensional DNA strand or another student’s “Star Wars” R2-D2 character – all designed using tinkercad and eventually printed on a 3-D printer.

“I like doing this because you can touch and feel what you created,” said student Alexa Doyle. “It’s not two-dimensional and sometimes it’s just great to work with your hands on something.”