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Scarsdale students collaborate with international peers

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Scarsdale High School students in Christopher Sipe’s science class recently worked with a class at the Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) in Singapore on a collaborative, real-world science problem.  Students worked in teams to engage with a global issue (“The Global Warming Challenge: Keeping global warming below 2°C”) as a Global Pilot Assessment sponsored by the Global Learning Alliance (GLA).

Members of the GLA from eight countries will be studying the findings of this Global Pilot Assessment at the GLA Summit this summer. They will examine how students working in small groups exhibit collaborative problem-solving capacities in virtual communities. These are the questions guiding their research: 

1. To understand how students engage in knowledge sharing / construction in virtual communities

2. To identify how students in groups draw on different sets of expertise and collaborators to solve problems in virtual communities.

3. To study ways students demonstrate ability to work in a team towards a shared goal.

Three student groupings were involved in this project: HCI only groups, Scarsdale only groups, and HCI-Scarsdale groups. This will allow the researchers to compare the data across groups and in particular, explore how the inter-school/country collaboration may be different from the school-only collaboration.