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Heathcote Holds Poetry and Arts Festival



April is National Poetry Month, and Heathcote School held its 8th Annual Heathcote Art and Poetry Festival the week of April 18th to celebrate the two arts.

The school’s school-wide exhibit was open to students and parents for three mornings, where artwork and poetry by Heathcote students was displayed in the main hall galleries. Students worked with their classroom teachers to write original poems on topics ranging from being late for school to favorite vacations. Fifth-graders studied the works of Dr. Seuss and Walter Dean Myers, author of “Love That Dog!,” to come up with rhyming poetry around the theme of choosing a pet. First-grader Jaden Hernandez not only wrote a poem, but included a QR code in one corner of her poem. When scanned with a smartphone, viewers could watch Jaden reciting her poem.

Art teacher Erin Cameron also inspired students to create special artwork for the festival, and Dr. Jill Schultz and Heathcote’s orchestra students presented a special musical performance on April 21st. In addition, VIP guest readers provided daily readings of poetry to the school community over the public address system and at a Poetry Café, fifth-grade students shared poetry with younger students at lunchtime. Everyone at Heathcote was also encouraged to carry around a poem in their pocket, ready to share with friends.